Our firm has extensive experience in dealing with tax, corporate and labor issues. Not only in tax planning, but also in advise for specific situations throughout the year. We always apply the latest tax laws in order to optimize company resources as far as possible.

Our Services

  • Recurrent tax advice assisting companies to comply with their tax duties
  • VAT, import / export, non-regular taxes, international taxation
  • Taxation of family estates, wealth and inheritance tax
  • Transfer price operations
  • Relation with Tax Administration, acting on behalf of our clients in case of a tax inspection
  • General corporate law advice on commercial contracts and corporate governance issues
  • Advice on corporate transactions such as set and modification of articles of association, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions
  • Contractual management with customers
  • Insolvency Proceeding
  • Draw up all sorts of contracts of employment, including bonus, policies, and other special labor conditions
  • Advice and representation in labor law matters and in individual disputes maintained with employees
  • Advice and design of remuneration packages, stock option plans pension schemes and additional benefits