Our obsession for our own growth as well as the growth of our clients, lead us to go global and to motivate our clients to become international taking advantage of our presence in Barcelona, Mexico DF and Miami.

Usually, the first internationalization step is to send a trusted and highly trained professional to the future destination. We estimate that the minimum period required to acquire a solid knowledge of the country and the necessary networking is not less than one year.

An option to minimize this initial financial and time investment is setting CIB as your trusted "Country Manager" in the countries where we have a strong presence.

Our methodology for internationalization

  • High level

    2 weeks (for free)

  • Go no Go


1. Market research and first
contact with the client
3 months
  • Definition
  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Analysis
  • Entry barriers and "SWOT"
  • Competitors
  • Market research agenda
  • Clients or/and distributors
  • Local partners or/and investors
  • Tenders, Lobby and government
2. Internationalization strategy
6 months – 3 years
  • - Business and financial plan
  • - Sales force implementation
  • - Import or people migration (for services)
  • - Warehousing and logistics
  • - Plant setting or offices (for services)
  • - Personnel research and hiring
  • - Legal and other duties
  • - Soft-landing (housing, offices, migration, etc.)
3. Stabilization and monitoring
  • Supervision
  • Import process
  • Warehouse and logistics
  • Accounting, finance and duties
  • Local suppliers and employees
  • Plant
  • Issues and solving
  • Representation
  • Exhibitions
  • New sales opportunities

Checking the information gathered and
attending to the market research agenda

Customized for each client

Our clients can start their internationalization
using our offices, tax address and team.

We use a monthly Balanced Scorecard Report to monitor the performing of the strategy. This report contains indicators and strategic objectives of financials, sales, operations, and human resources.